Why Do People Still Buy Birthday Greeting Cards for Their Loved Ones?

 With technological advancement, we are moving towards digital modes of doing things and leaving the traditional ways behind. Technology surpasses us in every field of life, even in simple things like sending a birthday greeting to our loved ones. We now prefer to send a birthday greeting to our loved ones through social media instead of sending them greeting cards like we used to do.

However, online greetings can seem shallow as we might miss what the message is all about. We rely on technology a lot for our daily communication, but this does not mean that we should use it to send impersonal greetings or e-cards to our loved ones.

A personalized greeting card or a handwritten note to wish someone on their birthday can be a great addition to the gift you have purchased for them. Personalizing the greeting card is the main factor that will be missing in the online message. Moreover, whatever you say in your online statement, can never match the worth of a handwritten card.

Therefore, sending an online message might be a good idea for the people who are not close to you. But it would help if you put effort into the people in your life for years and will be with you forever. So, if you genuinely care about your loved ones, you can send them personalized greeting cards or can buy birthday greeting cards online.

History of Greeting Cards

The origin of greeting cards is Ancient China, as the Chinese were the ones who started sending goodwill messages to their loved ones on New Year. Moreover, the Egyptians are also known for sending greetings to the family through used papyrus scrolls.

In the 1400s, Handmade paper greeting cards were common practice in Europe, and the Germans were also printing New Years' greetings on woodcuts simultaneously.

Birthday Cards

The history of Birthday Cards is about 100 years old, and its origin is in England. However, one might not find evidence of who was the first to send the first birthday card. In that era, people used to send birthday cards as an apology. The reason was that people used to greet birthdays to each other in person, but if they were not able to do so, they would send a birthday card. The cards were essential to send goodwill to the people receiving the cards. It is a great tradition, and people send birthday cards to their loved ones to show their feelings.

Importance of Sending Birthday Cards

Birthday cards are like other greeting cards in which you send your love and well wishes to the people on their birthday. It is just like sending a birthday cake as it adds to the value of the gift. Moreover, it shows how much you care for the person.

Everyone indeed loves to receive a handwritten card on their birthday that they can read again and again. Moreover, the receivers save the card and keep it with them to remember their beautiful day.

A greeting card is known as the most efficient way of showing love and care to other people. Dr. Lynda Shaw also proves that sending a greeting card is like creating a sense of well-being for the person receiving it.

A few things show how vital sending a birthday greeting card is to maintain a good relationship.

Sending Greeting Cards Show That You Have Put an Effort

If you send a physical card, it will show how much effort you have put into making the card. Sending an online message indicates that you just went online, typed a message, and hit send. However, sending a birthday card shows that you went to the market or online to purchase the card. Moreover, the personal handwriting adds to the charm of the greeting card.

Moreover, sending an online message on Facebook might show that you wished them when Facebook reminded you about your birthday. It is not the case with the birthday cards as you can give them to the person on his birthday. Similarly, buying a birthday card shows that you thought of the individual and his personality to buy the card.

The Receiver Can Cherish the Memory Forever

When you send greeting cards, people can cherish them forever. You might also have greeting cards from a family member who is not with you now. Therefore, whenever you get a chance to greet someone on their birthday, the best thing you can do is buy the greeting cards.

We often take the love of others for granted and then cherish the memories through physical gifts. Birthday cards can be that memory to cherish. Wishing on the Facebook timeline will indeed stay there forever, but nobody has the time to go back and see what people wished them on their birthday. Therefore, send a birthday gift along with the birthday greeting card physically or through the mail to your loved ones, and show your emotions.

Show Your True Emotions Through Greeting Cards

Birthday greeting cards are the best way to show emotions to your loved ones. Moreover, you can express your love, joy, humor, admiration, and thanks to the people through the birthday greeting cards. Cards can be an excellent way to show people how important they are and what impact they have made in your life.

Bottom Line

If the birthday of your friends or family members is approaching, you should show them some love through the greeting cards. There are various greeting cards available in the market that you can purchase and send to your loved ones.

Moreover, the variety can also guarantee that you will find the perfect greeting card for the person according to their personality. You might find multiple cards in the market: traditional cards, modern cards, dunny cards, floral cards, etc.  You can bring a lot of joy to the people in your life and communicate your wishes to loved ones through greeting cards.

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