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 We believe that heart disease is only linked to our physical activities. Our thoughts, moods, attitudes and emotions also accelerate by the onset of heart disease and they can also get in the way of thinking positive towards your health.

Physical activities like smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, heavy drinking increase the risk of getting high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks, heart stokes, and other cardiovascular issues. But your thoughts are as important as these physical activities. We know that coronary disease is the leading cause of death in the world. People living with cardiovascular disease are more likely to acquire mental disorders like, depression, chronic stress, anxiety disorders and more.

Depression is common if you are a heart patient

Depression is linked with other risk factors of heart disease like unhealthy lifestyle. Depression is quite common in people who are suffering with any heart disease. Depression reduces the chance of adapting healthy routine, proper diet and medication etc.

More than 15% people experience major depression who have undergone heart illness or any heart surgery. And these people are more likely to readmit to the hospital and have more risk of having a heart attack. When mental health is affecting you negatively or becoming worse then you really need to start taking steps to prevent it.

Make a difference with early diagnosis

Having a heart attack can affect your moods and emotions in various ways. You may feel fortunate to be alive and that you have had a reminder. You might have a questionable outlook on the future and restless and anxious about your wellbeing. You might be less certain, or humiliated or baffled since you can't do so a lot. It's normal to have uncommon outlook on things you've done in the past that may have prompted the coronary illness.

Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a well known cardiothoracic surgeon and is actively involved in minimizing the risk of heart issues and provides the world class heart surgeries with excellent results.

Heart disease is a very serious problem that needs constant monitoring and control. There are numerous things one can do to reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular problem and lead a life full of spark and activity.

  1. Consult a professional: Talk to your doctor. No two persons are same. Everyone have different risk reduction strategies and treatment. For too serious condition or if you need a heart surgery then consult Ranjit Jagtap clinic for better and finest treatment. He has his OPD consultation clinic where he serves free of cost to neediest people of the society.
  2. Don’t ignore the symptoms of mental health: If you are feeling sad or empty without any reason or more often or lost interest in pleasurable activities then go visit a doctor. As these are the warning signs of mental health issues. And if they persist for more than two weeks then you should discuss with your heart doctor as well.
  3. Get social support: You should take the support of your friends and family. Talk to them about your condition and seek help from them. Social support is necessary to overcome your feelings of loneliness, emptiness and sadness and also helps to recover from a heart disease.
  4. Identify the sources of stress: Look for ways to reduce and manage your stress. See a professional to manage your stress. It will help to recover you speedily from heart disease and also can prevent heart disease to get in future. Their structural exercised programs can also help you to change your lifestyle.

Follow a treatment

It is very important to discuss your mental state with your doctor frequently. Medication and non-medication treatments like, yoga, behavioral therapy, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercise are great treatment options. They help a lot to reverse the cardiovascular issues and allow you to live a active life. It is a bidirectional relationship between the both cardiovascular problem and mental disorder.

Living with heart failure is quite challenging. It is common for people to feel fear, frustrated, sad, and anxious. No matter what type of heart disease you are living with, mental issues and risks are similar to all. So talk to your doctor for both your emotional and physical wellbeing. You can visit Dr. Ranjit Jagtap news for listening to his public speaking and live surgeries and know more about his incredible work towards society.

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